Frank M. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

about 2 years ago


tastes like chewing on a non-chewable multi-vitamin, and makes me feel kinda cracked-out

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Chris W. February 5, 2021

Too early to tell?

My expectations were that I’d have slightly more mental clarity in the early afternoon as well as an increased ability to focus. For the most part, I didn’t notice a change with the normal amount of brain fog I have in the afternoon. The taste also needs to be retooled. It’s terrible.

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Charles R. February 6, 2021

Stable clean energy

Multiple pills but good clear energy throughout day.

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Kevin W. February 12, 2021

Too Soon To Tell

I took this for 5 days giving it 3 stars and labeling my experience as no effect. Although that is not true, given the options for rating my experience it was the closest to saying I’m not sure yet. The first day my concentration was worse, I felt groggy (not my usual) and my sleep was off. The ...

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caleb e. April 30, 2019

The Energy Shot Review