Carla C. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 2 years ago

Changed my life

Best investment ever. Feel amazing. Assertive, confident, energized. Love this stuff!! Thanks!

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Ahmad H. January 31, 2018

The bind to all ingredients of success

Currently on my second week taking Qualia.. I have only been taking the lowest dosage ((1) Step One (2) Step Two) because I already run at a pretty fast pace and was concerned about difficulty sleeping. I haven't had any difficulty getting a good night's rest, actually falling in deeper sleep tha...

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Tammy B. February 14, 2018

Not anything to jump up & down about

Almost done with 1st month~ Not anything to jump up & down about

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Caine A. February 26, 2018

Some days are better than others.

When I first started taking this I noticed an immediate difference day one. More aware and focused for sure. Now I am only taking Qualia about 3 days a week and its spread out. One day on maybe 2 days off. After the first week, I felt I am not getting the same result. I take this in the morning a...

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K B. October 17, 2017

So far we like it!

Hubby and I have been on it about two weeks. We definitely notice improved recall ability. Plan to continue.

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