Caleb N. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

Christ conscious

Looking to upgrade my mind 😎

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Jose B. April 7, 2020

5 stars | 💯 recommended

Excellent concentration/motivation/mood enhancer, been using it for work, study, reading, and daily activities with an overall subtle yet indescribable feeling of betterment. My mind is now like a knife just recently sharpened, it can cut whole lot chunks of ideas without chocking...

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Kolten R. October 24, 2022


But good quality for the price but very pricey expensive product but good product

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Joanne H. June 20, 2023

Amazing Supplement

This supplement truly is incredible. I can think much more clearly and efficiently and my attention span and organizational skills have improved noticeably resulting in higher productivity! It’s a life and game changer for me.

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Bruce M. March 21, 2022

4 stars