Bart T. reviewed Qualia Focus

7 months ago

Clinical Psychologist

Ok, in the first month I wasn’t sure about this product as I didn’t seem to see much benefit, other than an increase in focus, similar to the positive benefits of coffee. Then I found out I was sick and my immune system was low and so I stopped for 3 Weeks while I got better. I then retried qualia and WOW, tasks are getting done!!! I didn’t ‘feel’ different but all of a sudden my creativity and task completion was going through the roof, and my partner told she she couldn’t believe how much I was getting done, more than I had in years! I have always struggled with focus and completing tasks (ADHD type symptomology) and I exercise regularly and my nutrition is pretty good, Qualia is seriously the missing piece of the puzzle for me And I know it will be for many others. You guys are bloody legends!

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JAIME F. November 27, 2019

Awesome!! laser focus

only one day in, but i feel more alert and focused.

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Nancy D. October 11, 2019

An inner calmness

Every time I take Qualia Focus it’s like a wave of ease washes over (and inside) my cells making me feel the flow in life I so desperately needed. 🧘🏻‍♀️ I feel an inner calmness that made me realize I was actually operating at a low level anxiety.

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Cristina . July 13, 2020

great product

focused less distractions energy in beginning was nauseating but after 2 weeks was all good

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A.K. F. October 3, 2019

Originally I enjoyed Qualia Mind very mind but had to switch to Focus for financial reasons. Mind is significantly better than Focus for memory however for mood improvement (my serendipitous benefit) their both equal. I look forward to trying Eternus.

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