Drew B. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 3 years ago

Cognitive boost with relationship orientation

I really enjoy taking qualia energy. It feels similar to mind, but with more of an embodied sense. It also comes with a very engaging and sociable quality. Compared to mind or focus, which often feels more cerebral, this feels very relational, and I feel an increased draw to connect with people I care about. I highly recommend trying qualia energy, if nothing else to know for yourself how your body responds compared to the other products.

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Rommel C. February 8, 2022


I love the stuff feel clarity

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Tanner C. April 7, 2023

I use it to manage my attention deficit issues

It’s all I use and I find it to be as useful, maybe better, thank other option. I’m a lifer for this now.

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Dawn B. October 13, 2023

Exciting Product!

High quality product, with backing from respected people in the health and wellness industry. Already feeling better focus, memory, and motivation. Excited to see what continued use brings!

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Bryant B. September 16, 2021


Keeps you alert and sharp without the jitters like caffeine does.. I'd recommend it 👌

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