Ricardo C. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 2 years ago

Connect the Dots

One of the first things I started noticing when I started using Qualia Min(QM) was the ability to access memories. I liken the experience to a "connect the dots" kinda feeling. Basically, as I understand it QM was literally providing the infrastructure for my memories to reconnect. Now, please take a moment to let that statement sink in. As I was recalling previous life engagements I was processing them with of all my current experience. In essence, I was rediscovering who I was, what my potential was, what it could be in relation to where I was. It was and continues to be an awesome feeling. In the four weeks I've been taking it I have to say I've had a tremendous boost in productivity. This product is not a fix all for everyone but if you're interested please proceed accordingly. Read restrictions, research a plan with your physician, and then execute with the mindset that you will improve for yourself and the world around you. Much Love & Respect, Ricardo šŸ™‚

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Qualia Mind

Great supplement. I can drink coffee and take it and not be affected in any negative way.

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5 stars

Michelle J. January 19, 2021

Completely Amazing

Quails mind makes me feel like Iā€™m firing on all cylinders. A total shift in focus and clarity, I am absolutely astonished at the difference I feel. Never want to be without them going forward.

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