Joan K. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

over 1 year ago

Could not get past the taste

The product definitely seems to offer focus and energy but I could not get past the taste (harsh, slightly acid-y and salty), color (black-ish) and consistency (a little viscous). Could not drink it more than once.

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Jennifer B. February 13, 2021

Smooth, even keeled benefit

It doesn’t taste good but it provides a smooth increase in energy and overall feeling of wellness.

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Alex Y. November 13, 2019

A game changing nootropic stack

I've been a fan of Neurohacker for some time, and have been a self-proclaimed "bio-hacker" before companies were putting out nootropic supplements. When Neurohacker first came out with their very first Qualia product with the Step 1 and Step 2 bottles, the Step 1 bottles worked like magic for me....

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Bruce W. February 5, 2021


Ok, not lights out though

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Paul T. May 6, 2019

Qualia Liquid Shot Review

Fine, can't detect a difference

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