Dalton S. reviewed Qualia Life

3 months ago

Crew Leader

I'm a crew leader at my local Sonic Drive-In and honestly using Eternus on top of Mind has been keeping me alive through our massively increased business due to the coronavirus. The only negative about these products is that they are, under normal circumstance, prohibitively expensive for someone of my current position - but the amount of hours I've been rewarded with as a direct result of the performance boost I get from using these products has been enough for both bottles to pay for themselves (albeit barely). I cannot recommend these products enough, but I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a price drop. Thank you to everyone at Neurohacker for releasing such solid products!

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Pawel B. November 20, 2019

I did not feel any difference. I was taking product as directed for 5 consecutive days and two days off, however felt no difference at all.

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Kore A. June 11, 2020

Designer /Entrepreneur

I definitely feel a bit more everything.

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Rebecca H. May 12, 2020


Unfortunately my order of Eternus has been stuck in Carson since May 2 due to the lack of international flights to Australia. Extremely frustrating but not anyone’s fault. When I receive my order I will do a proper review

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Dan O. November 21, 2019

My energy levels are amazing with this product!! Don’t use a pre-workout at all anymore!!

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