Chetan V. reviewed Qualia Night

almost 4 years ago

Deep sleep

I think I had a deeper sleep.

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Greg T. February 22, 2021


First time I've woken up feeling rested in 12 years. It promotes actual sleep, not sedation. Qualia is an accurate name, it's a quality product that creates quality sleep.

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Giedrius R. March 24, 2020

The sleep hacking pill without drowsiness.

I knew that sleep and rest were important for my performance so I've tried using melatonin a few months ago to improve my sleep quality but that would make me drowsy and lethargic in the morning with a clouded mind. When I've tried Neurohacker Collective's new Rejuvenate product, I could feel th...

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Jessica T. December 9, 2021


Helps me feel rested and recovered

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Lisa I. March 16, 2024

Just began!

Since I’ve only just begun a week ago - 4 stars Vs 5: so far I’ve found help in remaining asleep better than another quality product I was using. Qualia’s added ingredients with respect to the other, seem to work better for me. I know I can trust the clean, good quality as I’ve heard them recomme...

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