Drew B. reviewed Qualia Night

about 1 month ago

Deep Sleep — Definitely Worth Trying

I very much look forward to taking Qualia Night. I find that I sleep very deeply and wake up feeling like I had a great night of sleep. I can be more on the sensitive side to some things, and I have found that often I can just take one or two capsules in the evening, and that is a good dose for me. When I take the full four capsules, I notice that dreams become very vivid. I highly recommend just trying it out to see how you respond and how it works for you.

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Lawrence S. August 13, 2020

Senior Citizen

Taking Night less than a month; not sure of it’s effectiveness yet

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James F. March 18, 2020

This product works

I defintely slept better on the product and work up feeling well rested and ready to go in the AM.

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Amanda S. July 15, 2020

Relaxing but not enough to help me sleep

I am not sure if I realized when I signed up that this was a non sedating pill. I am a terrible sleeper so I will honestly try anything. I will say that even on night 1 I did notice a relaxing effect. My body felt more relaxed, less stress and worry. Even my mind was more relaxed and less of the ...

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Jonathan W. March 20, 2020

Wake up feeling refreshed.

Some days I woke up feeling really refreshed. Other days, not so much...but then again I have a 1 year old who wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes. Even so I had a good experience taking the product. I would certainly consider taking in the future depending on price range.

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