kirsten e. reviewed Qualia Night

almost 2 years ago

Deeper sleep, but mainly, DREAMING again!!

NIGHT caused me to sleep slightly longer (maybe 7-8 hrs, instead of 5-6 hrs), and feel more rested on waking. But much more interestingly, I started DREAMING again! Or rather, recalling my dreams again (assuming REM still produces them, either way). My recall stopped a few years ago, during stressful life-circumstances. I suspect recall is positively correlated with brain function. Specifically: I suspect that dream-loss happens when the Default Mode Network, the strategizing, problem-solving "tool-using mind", becomes over-active. (Obviously the DMN is essential, but letting it habitually dominate distracts from mindfulness and connectedness.) I suspect stress made my DMN kick in as soon as I awoke, it's noisy monkey-mind drowning out my dream-recall. So, dreaming again implies that my DMN has stepped back a bit-- always a good thing! Plus, I value dreams. Even thought their content is probaly random residua from the brain's nightly "clean and discard" process, still, I think the NARRATIVES we weave from those random scraps are very revealing. Like art, or theater. (E.g. my dreams seem to "try on" different emotions or actions or understandings; possibly that helps simplify my waking life). Regardless, I'd rather wake up in a calm intuitive state, than in a worry-dominated monkey-mind state. I do a lot of brain hacking, and don't always have clear results. But this formula apparently facilitated something; maybe supported parasympathetic, boosted GABA, or...?? I was already previously taking some of the ingredients: either I benefitted from upping those, or I benefitted from adding the novel ones. Either way, RECOMMENDED!! (FIY: been taking Mind and Eternus approx 1 year.)

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