Matt H. reviewed Qualia Life

3 months ago

Def Something Happening

I decided to try Eternus because I am interested in longevity, sleep and athletic performance. I have been taking the product for around 3 months, on and off, just to calibrate my dosage and to track its effectiveness. I keep track of my own biohacking statistics through various measurements. While the benefits of longevity and athletic performance are taking longer to measure (largely due to the pandemic), I am confident that my circadian rhythm has drastically improved. I am getting upwards of 3-4 hours of deep sleep per night. I overall feel better, but my sleep is easier now (it was pretty good to begin with). However, the ability to be relaxed at night, sleep easy, wake up and go back to sleep, can be seen in my sleep data. I started taking it 5 days a week now and I am not going on/off. I will be consistent since I feel it is working. Also, I am only taking 5 capsules a day which appear to give me plenty of benefit.

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Tyler W. September 24, 2018

I don't have a subjective feel like with Qualia, I just notice at the end of the day I am not tanked. I am more comfortable with making decisions or exercising self control when I would normally be exhausted.

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Ryan D. January 31, 2020

Too expensive for too little difference

This product may work well for some but I switched to this after taking a different NAD supplement for two years that was far less expensive and I noticed no difference with the Neurohacker formula versus the other. I found some success with some of the qualia mind products but given the overall ...

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Edward C. December 15, 2019


This is an excellent product. It took about a month to notice any change. Thereafter, improvements have been gradual but clear. It is somewhat expensive (what with our exchange rate). Nevertheless, well being is worth the price.

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Mary Jo K. September 24, 2018

The last 3 days on the product, I've had the best sleep in years. And my energy during the day is high and consistent - no crashes.

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