Matt H. reviewed Eternus

13 days ago

Def Something Happening

I decided to try Eternus because I am interested in longevity, sleep and athletic performance. I have been taking the product for around 3 months, on and off, just to calibrate my dosage and to track its effectiveness. I keep track of my own biohacking statistics through various measurements. While the benefits of longevity and athletic performance are taking longer to measure (largely due to the pandemic), I am confident that my circadian rhythm has drastically improved. I am getting upwards of 3-4 hours of deep sleep per night. I overall feel better, but my sleep is easier now (it was pretty good to begin with). However, the ability to be relaxed at night, sleep easy, wake up and go back to sleep, can be seen in my sleep data. I started taking it 5 days a week now and I am not going on/off. I will be consistent since I feel it is working. Also, I am only taking 5 capsules a day which appear to give me plenty of benefit.

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Danielle K. June 25, 2019

Excellent product

I like this product allot and felt the effects almost immediately with increased energy.

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Deborah B. March 17, 2020

Powerful and Nuanced

I decided to give this product a whirl based on my experience with Qualia Mind (Caffeine Free) and with cautious optimism. I ramped it up a bit slowly, starting with 4-5 capsules approx. 4-5 days a week. The very first night I slept better (deeper and longer without effort) and had more mental c...

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Gray M. September 5, 2019

I can definitely attribute the deeper sleep to Eternus

I felt more cognitive awareness and sharpness along with physical energy. I can also say, I felt like my sleep was deeper. I don’t know if it’s because I had more physical and mental energy during the day that made me sleeper deeper or if it was due to the ingredients. But I felt as if I was slee...

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Joshua H. June 29, 2019

A subjective sense of ‘presence’, as promised.

This product is pretty impressive. It provides a strong subjective sense of presence. Sleep has improved. Costs as much as my kid’s private school.

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