El B. reviewed Qualia Focus

almost 2 years ago

Definitely more focused, zoned in

This is my first neurotropic, and after lots of research I chose Qualia Focus. I told myself if I like Focus, I'll upgrade to Qualia Mind. I took the first two capsule in the morning with lots of water, empty stomach. After approx. 30 minutes or more, I began to sense a shift of perception and a "weight" zeroing me. I knew it started. Immediately I got to studying and - as work requires at times - multitasking, all the while still centering on the focused task of studying. It works. After a few hours, I could feel the effect leaving, shifting my focus back to a widened and less centered state. After weeks of five days on, two days off, it still works. Definitely recommended. Because of the reviews I read on Qualia Mind, I think I'm ready for the upgrade. Will give feedback/review also. I rate Qualia Focus Five Stars mainly because it works and have no other reference to compare.

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Giovanni C. August 18, 2021

Got food poisoning, so I had to take a couple days off. Excited to start taking it again tomorrow!

I woke up with food poisoning yesterday so I didn't it yesterday or today, but on the days I have taken it, my productivity has been good.

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jocelyn b. November 28, 2022

Qualia Focus

Just started but have big hopes!

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Zachary L. May 30, 2023

It def works!

Focus definitely increases your energy and helps you with task initiation. I've really enjoyed my experience with this product.

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Laura S. July 9, 2022

Noticeable improvement

I'm sold on these products. I started with trying the focus I absolutely noticed more energy - my eyes have dry eye issue and strain from hours on the PC DURING the day etc. I have had issues recently so I decided to try the vision product. I'm noticing more comfort with vision and my symptoms ...

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