Zach B. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 2 years ago

Depends on the Day

The first week I took Qualia Mind, I couldn’t tell much of a difference. However, week two, especially two days in particular, I felt extremely focused and got a lot accomplished. There were another 3 days where I felt a little above average or just average in reference to focus. That could be due to less sleep though. All in all, after two weeks, I’d say it definitely helps, but it’s not quite a “limitless pill”

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Gregory B. November 22, 2021

5 stars

Steve M. August 25, 2023


Really Enjoyed The Quality of Qualia Mind. Neurohacker Collective did a great job. Thank You

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Emmy E. February 15, 2023

Notice the difference

My partner and I both notice a difference in energy and mental clarity when we take the mind (caffeine free.) We only take a half dose. Great product and customer service both!! Thank you!!

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Caleb N. April 10, 2022

Christ conscious

Looking to upgrade my mind 😎

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