Carl V. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Did not notice any effects unlike other products from here

I didn’t not notice any effects from this product. I have used other products with success it may have just been the formula didn’t work for me.

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Junaid M. April 15, 2022

In Focus

The focus I was supposed to experience was much more subtle than I expected.

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Maria G. April 15, 2022

Great product. Good on a daily basis. It helps you think, retrieve memories without too much caffeine

Better than the first formulation primarily because it had less caffeine in it. I could take it without getting jittery

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Dominic C. November 29, 2022


This product is amazing. Super focused, mood improved, and mental energy is through the roof

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G H. December 21, 2022



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