Clark U. reviewed Qualia Night

almost 2 years ago

Did Not Work For Me

Used for one month following the directions but saw no discernable improvement in sleep parameters (deep sleep, rem, duration, etc).

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Vincent A. August 21, 2021


This stuff is amazing 👏

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jennifer g. February 15, 2022

Not sure yet!

I am someone who has issues with deep sleep - meaning, i get 8-9 hrs and am still tired. I am just finishing my 1st month, i haven't noticed anything life changing, but possibly some improvement. I plan to give it 3 months to determine if it works.

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Gina W. August 17, 2021

Wow! Love the product

I love the ingredients- top quality! I love the sleep! Thank you!!

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Daniel L. July 12, 2020

Good Product!

The way it worked was quite subtle. Nothing outrageous or groundbreaking but a very solid product that allowed complete, through-the-night sleep. Well worth it!

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