Sridhar S. reviewed Qualia Mind

10 months ago

Didn’t work for me

It didn’t work for me at all. Ask the number of capsules to be taken and the fishy odor of them was off putting.

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Sridhar, Thank you for sharing your product review. Our system shows you reached out to our customer support staff that assisted you with a full refund and subscription cancelation. Of note, the pills and their contents definitely have a smell to them. This is normal and is due to the ingredient AlgaDHA, as you mentioned, as it is derived from algae and can have that smell/taste to it if you are sensitive to it. Our formula Essentials, which does not contain the AlgaDHA. Thank you!

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Janette A. October 10, 2021


Not a whole lot of difference but took 4 pills. 7 pills is hard to take.

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Brent E. July 10, 2021

3 stars

Daniel S. May 11, 2022

5 stars

Brenda S. March 3, 2022

Subtle but nice!

I've been taking for a week now, and I expected to feel a big change given the reviews. For myself, no big change, however I feel a very subtle, consistent lift through the day.

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