shawn p. reviewed Qualia Mind

8 months ago

Didn’t work for me

There was zero difference in my day to day other then by about 3 I felt like I haven’t slept in a week

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John P. December 15, 2019

Works great, but currently unavailable in Europe

It works brilliantly, but I am running out, and they no longer ship it to my country. I shall regretfully have to try competing products.

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jonathan August 21, 2021

5 stars

Tyler W. March 14, 2022

Didn’t really work for me

Didn’t really work for me I had a lot of hope in this product but I’m my case there was no real significant change in my cognitive ability!

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Carl V. May 23, 2022

Great product

I really think this product works. The best results I get is when used as directed on the bottle and then even once and awhile taking a month break and then starting agian

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