Maria M. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 5 years ago


I have been taking it as it says on bottles and felt no differnce mentally or emotionally or physically, may work for others but it did not work for me.

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Blanc W. November 30, 2017

The Effects Are Subtle

The noticeable physical effect when taking Qualia is that I don’t feel anything in particular - it’s more an absence of feeling that I need a nap in the afternoon. Otherwise it seems that my sense of time is such that the number of tasks to do don’t seem as formidable; it is as though I have ext...

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Codyt C. January 16, 2018

Best nootropic in my experience

Most nootropics for me had a side effect of jitters, headache, or fogginess. Qualia gave me brain clarity, focus the first day i took it and was sustained for a good 5 hrs noticeably. I haven't felt any "crash" or side effect with the product. I feel it's a really top quality product.

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Don V. L. November 23, 2017

way overpriced

I've been taking all these ingredients on my own for years. I thought I would try your product, but I would rather control my own dosage and alchemy.

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Dillon E. November 24, 2017

Expected better

Not getting the results that were expected

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