akasha n. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

easing in....

love it... i am super sensitive to all supplements and not yet on the committed 5/2 5/2. i am building up slow. love the product. already feel advantages. both super clear and productive as well as deeper sleep.

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Kyle P. February 24, 2018

It might be working

It's very difficult to differentiate self awareness and the benefits of qualia, although it does seem to adjust my focus into a more optimal state. I'd like to fix where my life's hindering, and I've been trying to take in more knowledge for the best possible position in jobs, wisdom, application...

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Joe B. September 21, 2017



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addison b. January 13, 2018

not too shabby (wink)

just finished week two of taking Qualia. I have been a nutrition advocate and overall well-being advocate for most of my life. These past few years however I have found that I desired even deeper and understandable fulfillment in life on all fronts and a deep interest in humanities evolution and ...

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Ahmad H. January 31, 2018

The bind to all ingredients of success

Currently on my second week taking Qualia.. I have only been taking the lowest dosage ((1) Step One (2) Step Two) because I already run at a pretty fast pace and was concerned about difficulty sleeping. I haven't had any difficulty getting a good night's rest, actually falling in deeper sleep tha...

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