Westley A. reviewed Qualia Mind | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Energizing, engaging, alertness promoting

Definitely clean energy and motivation; a little bit stimulating but also grounding at the same time. I did better with the slightly-less-is-more approach, and found more of a balanced benefit at 5 capsule dosage rather than 7. This may be an individual thing physiologically, of course. It's an all-in-one product incorporating a lot of beneficial herbal extracts and nutraceuticals. You can't go wrong!

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Jacob B. January 3, 2022

Ready for work

Throughout the last year, being in a leadership position has been extremely stressful. Qualia Mind helps me focus and boosts my mental health for a productive day

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Katharine S. October 22, 2023

Looking Forward to a Great Experience

I have just received my vitamins and cannot wait to start this journey! The pills are easy to swallow and settle on my stomach easily.

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Nathan P. September 11, 2023

Premium quality that works

This is the real deal. The ingredients are incredibly thoughtful, clearly based not just on clinical research but on the synergistic effects of the ingredients. The focus and motivation, as a result of taking Qualia Mind, are incredibly high without feeling like I'm stuck in a tunnel. Highly reco...

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Ashwin S. July 21, 2022

"Soft" focus and clarity

Hidden connections between things that were formerly lurking just under the surface of my conscious awareness come to the fore more readily, without any effort. Like a very smooth cup of coffee without jitters, combined with a gentle "big picture" awareness.

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