Blake W. reviewed Qualia Immune

11 months ago

Energy and stamina

Felt more energy and stamina throughout the day after the 3rd day. Would be excited to try for longer to see what long term results are like!

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Lori S. January 29, 2021

immune boost enhanced mood and energy

A small amount of sleep disruption but overall felt my energy brighten

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Sudeen D. February 17, 2021

Qualia update

I have been less congested with this product

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Teagen A. February 8, 2021

A really solid blend

I actually felt like I was coming down with a minor cold when my bottle arrived. After one dose I felt good as new! I don't normally get full blow sicknesses, but it was nice to kick the sniffles in the butt before they started! The blend is a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the other immune...

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Shane M. January 30, 2021

used through a few days of aggressive weather. definitely felt like this gave me an extra boost

strong immune support

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