Brenda A. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

over 1 year ago

Energy supplement

I didn't like the taste, felt linda gritty and medicinal. It did seem to give me more clarity though

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colin s. August 20, 2021

Amazing Clear focus without Jitters/Crash

These products are great; not only do they provide long-lasting energy without dehydration or jitters, im still able to exercise and practice breath holds, with no crash afterwards. I LOVE coffee, but I can't workout or go diving after drinking coffee, and with these I can no problem.

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Chris K. May 4, 2019

Today’s the first day - I reckon tomorrow will offer a better perspective.

I think the low quality of sleep is skewing today’s input. The taste could be improved with chai spice I think.

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Tabatha J. February 29, 2020


Tried for the first time today, about 3 hrs ago after a night with only 4 hrs sleep. No jitters, no upset stomach like the usual large amounts of coffee I drink give. Seems subtle however I feel really good! Alert, in a good mood, feel like a got a good nights sleep! Tastes like childs grape coug...

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Will W. February 9, 2021

Null Effect.

I took the product on empty stomach 5 consecutive days. I used no other products of your during this period. I had no bad days mentally but those are very rare. I didn't notice any effects good or bad. I regularly consume tea in the morning and doubt I would notice the caffeine. Flavor was bad bu...

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