Michael B. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

almost 3 years ago

Enhanced focus, clarity, mental drive and awareness. Amazing product!

Qualia does it again!

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Jamar S. May 8, 2023


I've never had anything like in my life. It's exactly like it's advertised I have a steady go now and i feel great performing at work it's next level.

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Kevin M. January 23, 2021

It does give me better focus during the workday.

Workday Focus

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John Stephen T. January 26, 2021

As advertised, I experienced a very noticeable improvement in focus, mental clarity, and overall mood. Qualitatively different than a caffeine boost, and more sustainable throughout the day.

Clear, Sharp, Present

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Daniel S. February 6, 2021

very easy on the stomach. at first thought taking 5 pills at a time seemed like it would be a bit much. I was wrong. there weren't any jitters or nervousness like I had expected. I did not have any trouble staying focused and on task so I would definitely say that this product works for it's intended purpose extremely well

high marks for qualia focus

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