Lisa C. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

Enlightenment encapsulated

I am feeling better — fantastic!! — in several very significant ways than I have in many years. I’ve been taking Qualia Mind for one month. Long enough to discern, with reasonable surety, that Qualia Mind is the most important factor in how I am feeling. The effects started within one week and have improved since. The primary change I’m noticing is a general motivation level that has been rare for me for the past several years. I feel like I am both aging backwards and experiencing a tectonic shift toward becoming the person I have long wanted to be. I’ve already gotten a tremendous upgrade. To describe this incredible motivation succinctly: 1) Not like caffeinated excitability; rather, a calm and focused energy that readily surges as needed and at will, such as for exercise. 2) Gentle and sweet. Daily excellent mood. Physical and mental/emotional grace. 3) Amazing capacity for self-regulation, ex., responding to stressors with an unusual degree of calm and quick-processing of optimally appropriate resources (language/behaviors/emotions). 4) Mental acuity (memory, focus, comprehension) is way sharper than in many years. This grants me more confidence, and more enjoyment of everything. 5) I welcome — crave, in fact — bigger challenges than I would normally be willing to take on. 6) Accomplishing far more than usual in less time because it’s easier to stay organized and on task. Easier to re-focus post-interruption. 7) Enthusiastically curious about what each day will bring and how I can surprise myself next. Delighted to rise at dawn or sunrise and simply feel joy in possibility. 8) A “longer fuse”. It takes more to irritate me, and I recover from it faster, moving into a mental state of solving and/or dissolving the irritant instead of dragging it around in my mind. “Next!” 9) Sleeping — most nights — extraordinarily deeply. Being aware of REM cycles and recalling amazing dreams in astonishingly vivid detail. In sum, every single day I feel so good that it doesn’t matter what the day’s details are. Normally boring or unpleasant activities are simply things I get done. Actions that would ordinarily make me nervous give me a sense of excitement and curiosity. [For example, searching for a more interesting job. Not high-danger actions like ice-waterfall-climbing.] Since my cup runneth over, I want to splash my extra energy on others. I am reaching out more and doing things to surprise people and bring them joy as well as to contribute pragmatically to their well-being. Ordinary activities have a newly-heightened sense of enjoyment. I’m just dying to have time to engage in long-wanted creative pursuits for which I’m having non-stop brilliant ideas. I feel playful. I’m singing and dancing again. My husband and I are having way more fun. I don’t think I have felt this good in so many ways in thirty years. From what I've heard, this is what Enlightenment feels like. All I do is take six capsules per day!

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Debbie . May 23, 2022

The benefits happen on day one.

Makes getting through my day so much easier!!

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Reid P. April 13, 2021

Qualia Mind is pretty sweet!

I have been taking Qualia Mind for almost a month and I really feel the difference. I am happier and more motivated. I plan to keep on taking it!

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Edgar P. March 16, 2022


Tremendous product! I noticed a change within the first week and started to become got more and more attentive as I contributed to use. Will be ordering more again!

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Chris C. November 15, 2020

Been taking for over 1 year, fantastic product

Qualia Mind is the best supplement I have ever taken. Not only does it cover your bases for daily B, C, D, etc. vitamins, it has several other key nutrients and extracts that brighten my mood and sharpen my mind. I typically take 5 instead of 7, and find that works fine for me, and it also helps ...

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