Eileen C. reviewed Qualia Life

6 months ago

Eternus as Capsules

Being over 60 and having Sjogren's Syndrome (autoimmune disease), one of the complications is difficulty in swallowing among other health problems. I did NOT have any problems in swallowing the 8 capsules each day for the five day two off protocol. The first day I took Eternus, I did not feel any different at first, yet a 2 block walk that day was surprising. Normally I am exhausted and wiped out for hours--sometimes days. Instead, I felt like my walk was more like a mild workout and recovered within 30 minutes. As the days past, I didn't feel more alert or smarter; yet, I surprised myself that I was able to recall a statistic I read in detail including the number of cases given. I have short term memory problems and if I want to remember anything I always have to write down. This is only the 1st month's results in taking this product. Overall, I am very pleased with the results. My only complaint I have, I wish Eternus included a complete daily supplement in this product so I don't have to buy more than one supplement products. If it means bigger or more pills to take -- I don't care, as of right now I take about 30+ capsules a day anyways.

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Carolina D. June 13, 2020

Eternus is powerful

I bought this for my mother. She has trouble finding words among other slight, but noticeable memory issues. After only two days she noticed that she has less trouble finding the word she is looking for and I feel her energy has improved, too. Very excited to see how she improves over the next fe...

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Alex N. October 26, 2019

Eternally Grateful!

I am eternally grateful for eternus! I began noticing an increase in energy within the first week of taking Eternus. I am 75 years old and work 4 days a week on my feet performing a variety of tasks and Eternus keeps me going. I am confidant that 6 months from now the benefits of Eternus will imp...

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HANDCRAFTED S. April 1, 2020

More energy - taste is a little strong

Finding I generally have more energy and feeling healthier overall. My only real criticism - I'm using the sachets and I wish the taste was more palatable. I have tried mixing it in smoothies and it just overwhelms all other flavours. By itself with water it has quite a strong taste - it's lik...

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Deborah B. March 17, 2020

Powerful and Nuanced

I decided to give this product a whirl based on my experience with Qualia Mind (Caffeine Free) and with cautious optimism. I ramped it up a bit slowly, starting with 4-5 capsules approx. 4-5 days a week. The very first night I slept better (deeper and longer without effort) and had more mental c...

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