Diane K. reviewed Qualia Life

over 3 years ago

Eternus Trial

Although I didn't feel any surge of energy, I did feel that my thinking was clearer and I felt a bit calmer when dealing with the everyday stressors. My workouts did seem a bit better and for whatever reason, I had less food cravings as well.

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Werner M. May 29, 2019

very special product and a huge addition for health and well being

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Collin E. September 29, 2018

I have noticed more energy throughout the day. I am able to focus and continue to stay on task.

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Robert B. April 3, 2024

Great Early Impressions

Just started Senolytics and Performance Bundle this month. I already feel like I sleep better and feel more energized and focused than I’ve been in years.

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Doris R. October 21, 2023

5 stars