Kael E. reviewed Qualia Focus

almost 1 year ago


Amazing, exactly as advertised.

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Jesse A. May 20, 2023


Great for focusing when life gets crazy!

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Chris C. February 8, 2024

Must be working!

I’m not sure which product it is or it’s all 3 I’m now taking. (Focus and NAD+ and senolytic) but I’ve got so much more energy and focus and just want to get sh*t done! I love it. And will stick with it for as long as my poor budget allows. I’d love to try the night formula as I can’t stay asleep...

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Fernando R. January 8, 2023


Is like a boom of clarity and a glare of focus energy!

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Matt V. March 8, 2023

Great product

This product gave me great energy and focus during the day. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a jump to their day.

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