Jeff S. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

10 months ago

Great Research and Formulation

Along with going through this trial to test Qualia Senolytic, I spent a good deal of time going through the ingredients and the research behind them. I do not expect a standalone 2-day dose of this product to be life-changing, but I did feel that my 40 hour fast seemed "better" than usual, especially in the hours after breaking it. I have a very good impression of the quality of this product and the ingredients and dosages selected. I do believe that it would be worth adding it my monthly supplement stack to help deal with the effects of aging and all that we are exposed to in this toxic world. A very well-researched product with the quality that we've come to expect from Qualia. Highly recommended.

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Yasmine Jeannette E. December 30, 2023


I haven't been on this long enough to understand it's full effect but definitely excited about it's potential

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April C. August 13, 2023

Excited for a healthier and cleaner body

I saw this online and learned about zombie cells. I have never heard of it before. But I do believe it is important to have a clean body on top of using supplements. I am excited to see how this will change me.

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Jesse R. June 8, 2022

Really impressed

I really enjoyed this product! It was so subtle, but I felt great! Loved the information provided with the packaging. It was a cool looking package, had neat pill holders and I loved the texture.

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Marlene S. January 27, 2024

Within one Day

This is 2nd month using Senolytic. I thought the greatest body feeling after the first use might just be a fluke, or a placebo effect, but within a day again my two hip replacement areas really feel clear is the only way i can describe it. I’m very pleased to use Synolytic monthly. Although to...

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