Gianni B.
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Execellent Product


2019-06-19 17:40:34 UTC

Both the Qualia Mind and the Eternus are excellent. It’s not like a sudden jolt of energy, but rather a steady supply of. It keeps me alert throughout the day. I’ve also noticed that everyday task are manageable, even as the workload is increasing I’m still able to focus and not get angry or frustrated. These are my experiences with this product. And i am a very happy client.

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Christian M.
2018-10-01 12:31:57 UTC

I feel like an unstoppable force

Mary Jo K.
2018-09-24 21:39:24 UTC

The last 3 days on the product, I've had the best sleep in years. And my energy during the day is high and consistent - no crashes.

Keri C.
2018-09-25 19:49:23 UTC

I'm finishing a marathon project. Working 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's very mentally demanding. The Qualia alone has been a godsend, but I feel like I'm getting an extra energy boost that's carrying me through the evenings.

anna d.
2019-05-28 21:30:02 UTC

<p>best of the best!!! you wont know until you experience it</p>