Aahan M. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago


Qualia is definitely the real deal. I find it boosts my energy and focus through the entire day. It’s not like being wired or buzzed, it’s just good, clean energy and I love it!

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Timothy T. December 15, 2017

Making better choices

With two weeks of taking Qualia now, I've had a variety of positive experiences. It was pretty subtle the first few days, mainly involving improved attention. Then I was aware that without exerting much willpower I seemed to be making better choices and following through with those choices. But t...

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Deric D. November 12, 2017



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Lisa I. February 8, 2018

No brainer

To each his own.

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Joshua T. October 17, 2017

Good product, all around

I gave it 4 stars bc the initial start was a little unpleasant: headache, stomach discomfort. Then I realized I needed to drink more water AND more coffee! Mentally, it lifts the proverbial fog and keeps one on point with a veritable calm throughout the day.

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