Joe W. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 2 years ago


Both this and quails life are top notch supplements. I’ve tried everything and they are the best.

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Mark H. July 9, 2018


First time experimenting with nootropics and I must say this product gets my in alignment quickly and keeps me there. I believe in this product and it's effects on the human brain so much I've decided to invest into the company. Try it and use it how it's intended to be used and you won't regre...

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Tyler C. April 25, 2023


I like this product a lot and felt the effects almost immediately.

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patricia c. December 18, 2019

my brain is back!!

When I am taking Qualia Mind, I think, speak, and remember like I did when I was - let's just say, decades ago. I am a skeptic, so I want to disbelieve, especially since it's not cheap, but I keep finding out it works for me.

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Jose P. January 24, 2024

Was skeptical as first tbh

4.5/5 Really good product but recommend taking with food. Upsets my stomach when most things don't. Start off slow with 3 or 4 then get accustom to it. Going to try the energy shots next!

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