Kevin W. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

Fantastic product!

Very glad I found qualia! I am hooked on neurohacking! Feel more like myself, deal with stress better, and the list goes on. Thanks guys!

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Dr. A. February 1, 2018

Great product with noticeable effects

The first two days, I noticed a subtle difference, but by day 3 I noticed better memory, improved communication with patients in my office, higher energy, better physical performance in cycling, and improved creativity and motivation in quantifiable ways. It doesn't feel like a drug, it just make...

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Ross G. January 28, 2018

Who needs sleep?

I can reliably say that the effects of Qualia are extraordinary. I find myself dramatically focused, and the book I'm writing has jumped with ease out of my brain and onto the screen. I find myself much more aware and intuitive at my chosen profession. Even my meditation seems to have changed for...

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Connor H. January 13, 2018

Subtle, yet remarkably effective

If your mind is a tool, this sharpens the edge. Things you are already good at become effortless, things you are learning come faster and easier. Intellectual steroids.

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Othman L. February 17, 2018


I have not seen any difference besides a feeling of uncomforte headache

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