A R. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

about 1 year ago

Fast shipping

Just started taking them today. Smells like they’re going to work.

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Cassandra E. December 1, 2023

Works grat

I have more energy and I'm thrilled that my mind feels sharper than ever.

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Jaime G. May 18, 2021

They’re great but not what I expected

I’ve been trying these for 20 days aprox. and for some reason I don’t feel a thing until I have a coffee. After that, they work great but I’ve been wanting to try the normal ones since they have a very specific type of caffeine

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Kevin D. December 9, 2023

Sharpened Mind

Qualia Mind makes me feel as focused as the tip of the spear and my days seem to flow serendipitously…

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Lucy F. July 28, 2022

Steady All-Day Energy!

I’ve just started using Qualia Mind (caffeine free) and I notice a perceptible difference in my memory and retention. I will most certainly be using this product going forward!

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