Jolene P. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

First Few Days :-)

I was definitely focusing better for the second and third day. I believe the first day I was trying to see and think about it more, and it needed a day to get in my system.

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Daniel F. May 20, 2023

Qualia Focus Study

I am please with results after taking Qualia focus for 3 weeks. I was having very bad brain fog and I have seen an improvement from my baseline. I have tried Qualia Mind and it has better effects compared to Focus but comes at a price

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Jesse A. May 20, 2023


Great for focusing when life gets crazy!

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Nikki L. July 20, 2023

Focus & Clarity.

I have noticed a difference by the way I communicate with others. Most times with my social anxiety, I struggle with eye contact or even my speech when it comes to interacting with others that I don't comfortably communicate with every day. Ive noticed that I am able to speak and not be so " in m...

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Luis P. February 14, 2023