Nichole T. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

first review

Wouldn't say I am noticing a ton, but I am feeling a little more alert during the week when I am taking the product.

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Felipe B. April 3, 2023

Actually works

This product actually works! I get to spend quality time on my work and focus on things I want to.

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Steven T. March 8, 2023

Focus Study

After taking this product I experienced an increased level of focus and clearer thinking. Overall it was a positive experience

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Josh P. April 4, 2021

Tuned. Balanced.

I was in a flow. Not as worried about each decision I had to make, with the ability to make tough decisions I could stick with. There was a bit of synchronicity in my day.

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Josh L. September 7, 2021

Final review

Increased focus with a quiet mind, increased a kind of smooth energy with out any jittery overstimulation.

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