mark K. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

Flow Enhancer

This will be my second month taking Qualia and i have noticed some positive improvements In the amount of chatter going on in my head . I feel like it has minimized the over thinking analytical part of my brain and allows me to be more in a flow state which i enjoy. My concentration and mood has been improved and also verbal speech feels more natural and fluent. The only thing i have found is that for me personally taking the recommended dosage of 3 step 1 and 6 step 2 a day is a bit too stimulating for me. I am a slender guy and has a sensitive nervous system so i cut the dose down to 2 step one and 4 step two and that has been much better! So i would encourage you to experiment with dosage to find what works for your body type.

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Jeremy W. December 11, 2017

Qualia Review

I am able to focus on what I want to think about easier then before. I am able to remember things in detail a lot more. I can meditate and listen to books for hours absorbing the information. Before qualia my mind would not focus long enough to do that. I also became a runner and I've never done ...

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Michael B. January 5, 2018

It's a new world with Qualia

What a momentous change in cognitive capacity and capability. The improvements began within hours of my first Step One dose, with a marked increase in clarity of thought and decrease in effort required for that clarity. I'm months into my subscription and I believe in NHC and Qualia so much that ...

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Rolando C. February 9, 2018

Not what I spect

May work for some people but it wasn’t what I spect from all I read about it. It was like caffeine and that’s all and don’t drink coffee so was awful for me

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Brandon P. January 4, 2018

Alchemical Brilliance!

All the little processes of the mind get bolstered. Subtle, but the synergistic effects are fantastic. Add in that Ashwagandha!

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