Jonathan W. reviewed Qualia Focus

about 1 year ago


I've only been taking qualia focus for two days but I'm excited to see what's in store

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Abhi S. August 18, 2021

9 days in...

I think this product is ok. I see immediate benefits for a couple hours, but then feel a little tired later on in the day. Also seems to be negatively affecting my sleep according to apple watch data.

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Max G. August 19, 2021

Feeling refreshed and alert in the morning

Alert in the morning for a few hours. Sleeping well

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Chantae B. November 25, 2021

Jury Still Out…..

The first day I experienced a terrible headache shortly after taking the capsules. The next day I only took one, which did not produce a headache, not produce very noticabke effects. I find I feel more dehydrated on the days I take this product. Increasing my fluid intake is a must to avoid poten...

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Laura A. October 23, 2022


Thinking had become a chore. It felt like I was working in a marsh; there was no flow. Enter Qualia products (I took Mind, Focus, Sleep and Vision- I was pretty desperate). It wasn't instant but within a week or two, I noticed the brain congestion began clearing and I could think clearly again. M...

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