Amy S. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 1 year ago

Focus is amazing.

So I rely heavily if reviews and always skeptical of fake reviews so here is my honest review. Prior to taking Focus, I felt like giving up on life. I am 48 and have total lack of energy despite 8 hours of sleep and hormone therapy. I was struggling maintaining focus at work and would even take a nap after work on most days. My kids are teens and really don’t factor in my overall fatigue. Oh ya, my extensive thyroid test was normal. So I tried Focus and I only take 1 pill 4-5 days per week. I can absolutely say that I feel 100% present better. In fact I feel 20 years younger. This stuff is hands down the best ever supplement. Try it…you will no be disappointed!

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Ben W. January 2, 2023

Quality Product

Great ingredients and works well! Will buy again.

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Cj T. March 16, 2023


Not bad, helps stay on track. Pairs good with coffee.

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Ilker U. June 6, 2022


Couldn't believe the effect until I used it. Qualia Focus is a key that unlocks the potential that everyone of us possesses.

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Fannie W. February 12, 2022

FOCUS Review

The initial ingestion was quite powerful,feeling both physically and mentally energectic once the brief experience of irritability and impatience had passed. I kept a daily journal to record my physical and mental state as well as the intake of food. Most days I abstained from my usual supplem...

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