Steven T. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 1 year ago

Focus Study

After taking this product I experienced an increased level of focus and clearer thinking. Overall it was a positive experience

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Mary B. October 6, 2023

taking this has helped

since taking this it has helped, my focus, my memory et al, I am pleased

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Jacob M. May 20, 2023

Renew Vigor

Overall improved outlook- more motivated taking on challenges. I took it mid-late morning and noticed improved afternoon energy/productivity where I typically would have been fading.

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Effie W. November 14, 2023

Qualia Focus

The first few days Qualia Focus made me feel a bit anxious. After just a few days it no longer did that. Now it gives me energy and a sense of well being. I love it!

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Norman S. April 11, 2023

Focus review

felt better but have started taking the MIND product which seems to be much more effective

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