G. A. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 6 years ago

Give it a Shot

I was skeptical at first, but am happy I gave it a shot.

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Isaac C. February 22, 2018

Spontaneous long-term memory recollection

The biggest thing I have noticed while taking Qualia is that I seem to just feel more like myself. I have been recalling memories from the distant past that help me strengthen myself as a person. These memories make me feel happy and inspired because I can be confident in who I am and present my ...

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Colton B. October 2, 2017

Pretty interesting

I am a coach and it's been interesting how I'm able to flow a bit better with qualia and remember what I was just told with out getting sidetracked in my head. Its not like a magical pill but it definitely makes bit a difference and gives me a slight edge. I feel like it would work even better if...

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Sheila M. September 11, 2017

Game Changer

I really believe this product helps me focus and be clearer. I would highly recommend it.

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Abram S. December 18, 2017

I’m in love!

This is by far the highest quality, most comprehensive product on the market with actual clinical doses of ingredients. Truly an amazing product and certainly worth every penny!!!

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