David R. reviewed Qualia Night

almost 4 years ago

Good product. Dosing too high.

I took this with dinner or right before bed over the course of the last couple weeks. Myself and colleagues reliably had very intense vivid dreams with this product. I believe the dosing is way too high. Would recommend starting with 1 cap, not 4.

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Dom July 29, 2021

5 stars

Ryan M. July 9, 2020

Super impressed great new product

I've used a bunch of supplements to help improve my sleep that have helped to various degrees. I love qualia night because I can take it at dinner and not worry about hitting a 30 or 15 minute window before bed. Slept great this week!

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Jan S. February 19, 2023

Sleep Score Improved

My sleep Oura sleep score improved after only a couple of days of using the product. My scores are now 90 and above.

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jennifer g. February 15, 2022

Not sure yet!

I am someone who has issues with deep sleep - meaning, i get 8-9 hrs and am still tired. I am just finishing my 1st month, i haven't noticed anything life changing, but possibly some improvement. I plan to give it 3 months to determine if it works.

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