Brandon K. reviewed Qualia Immune

over 1 year ago

Good product for overall health

Overall, I felt good. I saw some mood swings during week 2-3, but I felt pretty good overall. During the course of the beta, I felt one time where I felt a cough coming on, but it subsided within a few hours. I felt a decent amount of energy, but it would be difficult to day that’s front his. To note, my wife did give birth the last week of the trial that increased stress a bit. I feel that it would be difficult to say that my immune system increased, but that is a hard thing to test. Overall I’d recommend it for general health.

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Sudeen D. February 17, 2021

Qualia update

I have been less congested with this product

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James L. January 30, 2021

Top-notch immunity stack

Haven't been sick since I've started using it, and it doesn't cause an upset stomach like other supplements with with zinc in it. Has all the ingredients and more that I was looking for in an immunity stack.

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Steven F. January 31, 2021

More focus

I felt way more focused throughout the day while taking this product.

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Benjamin Z. January 31, 2021

Feels like my body is more resilient

Adobe using these, I have noticed a resilience to longer days and don't feel the same run down effect as before

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