Luke C. reviewed Qualia Night

3 months ago

Good stuff

I think this stuff is working...certainly enough for me to order again!

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Josh H. July 2, 2020

Better living through chemistry

My sleep quality has been spotty at best for as long as I can remember. In fact, I can probably count the number of times on one hand that I've woken up feeling truly "refreshed". Needless to say, I was initially I am of all things that promise some form of external solution to w...

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Lauren B. March 19, 2020

Andy J. July 9, 2020

Noticeable Trend of Longer Sleep Duration and Higher HRV

Based on Oura ring data, the product didn't seem to have a consistent effect on my levels of REM or deep levels, but it did seem to help me stay asleep longer each night and there was a clear trend of much higher heart rate variability than I'm used to seeing. Overall I feel energized and great.

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Benjamin D. July 25, 2020

Beta testing

Definitely felt as though I slept deeper, fell asleep quicker, and had less mid-night wake ups. The only negative I saw during my testing was it seemed make me more easily agitated throughout the day. Not enough to make me stop using it, it seemed to work great in terms of quality and ease of sle...

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