Kevin C. reviewed Qualia Mind

18 days ago

Goodbye procrastination

Who knew taking 7 horse pills in the morning would allow me to skyrocket my productivity - in the first 5 days of taking Qualia I've create a nonprofit, redesigned my companies marketing, and created 2 new innovative courses all with no procrastination, overthinking, or hesitation. My mind and spirit are completely aligned and it's like I've gotten out of my own way. I feel like iron man.

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Jameson Stell S. June 25, 2020

Ph.D Student

This product was as good as promised. The only downside for me was the price. I understand the cumulative benefit of dosing regularly, but in COVID times I’ll only be afford to use it on an “as needed” basis.

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Patric Y. August 6, 2019

so far I have not noticed any discernible difference

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DA J. May 17, 2018

Great Nooptric formula!!

I've been taking Qualia for several months! I'm very pleased with the results!! My thinking and feeling on point is Awesome! I'll continue to use Qualia. It gives me the mental edge I need in my profession!!

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Lee J. December 7, 2019

Great Product

Qualia Mind is a great product and allows me to maximize my energy output when studying and assist with the retention of what I study.

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