Keith B. reviewed Qualia Focus

11 months ago

Got as a Gift

So far everything about the company has been great. Received this offer from my local gym, ordered the Focus and received it in less than 2 days. Will try to remember to update review if I notice any improvements

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michael s. August 18, 2021

Pretty good stuff

Much better focus, more energy, an a pleasant morning wake up. No coffee drank, no coffee desired !

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Jordan T. January 28, 2023

Now THIS is a game-changer

I've dabbled with nootropics for years always looking for something to give me that laser focus and memory recall that I've only experienced in small bursts here and there naturally. After many years my hope in finding that supplement sort of fizzled out and I had all but given up.... but I've al...

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Timothy H. January 16, 2023

focus is exactly what it helps do

I work in a restaurant that stays very busy. This product really helps me be able to focus and prioritize tasks. It helps remove brain fog for me and helps keep me from becoming overwhelmed. Focus is exactly what it does. I have given them to some coworker who said the same thing. great product.

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Isaac L. January 23, 2023


Amazing product has made me create so muchh

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