Stacie A. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago


Wow, I am so impressed. I cannot believe how well Qualia works with no side affects. I have ADHD and struggle with the frontal lobe processes. This has brought me peace and clarity. Then the added benefit is my mood has increased without the feeling of being drugged or numbed. Then no feeling of crashing or depression due to the crashing. I feel like me or the me I am supposed to be.

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Doug C. November 20, 2017

Better than advertised

Qualia has helped me immensely. It’s keeps my brain sharp and focused all day long. I didn’t realize how much brain fog I actually had until Qualia actually helped remove it. Highly recommended

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Will P. November 17, 2017

Good stuff

Basically learned how to play the guitar over night

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Ed O. November 15, 2017


62 years old. Focus is much improved.Memory greatly enhanced. We have our own business ,O'Mara Sprung Floors Inc. It is a family owned business that is constantly improving and expanding which translates to more work than can possibly get done in a day.I used to have trouble picking one of a mult...

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Mel Z. January 16, 2018

Qualia user for more than a year - still works like a charm

The first 6 months of using the product gave me a mental and focus boost. The more I use the product, I see enhancements related to mood and being able to be calm under pressure. Looking forward to see the new Qualia version hit the market where there is only need for one Step, as opposed to t...

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