Jordan C. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

10 months ago

Great concept, but just not for me

I did think that there was a slight increase in focus/concentration throughout my workdays, but the product made me irritable which is unusual for me. Any benefit that there may have been, was outweighed by the impact it had on my mood.

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Brenda A. February 3, 2021

Energy supplement

I didn't like the taste, felt linda gritty and medicinal. It did seem to give me more clarity though

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Roger V. February 11, 2020

Pre workout

I use like pre workout after that I take Qualia focus the result is overwhelming

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Todd S. October 14, 2019

Wish it lasted longer

Both times I felt a good energy boost for just about 20-30 minutes and then it quickly wore off

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Peter H. November 13, 2019

I take Qualia MIND early morning between 5-6am and then Nootropic early afternoon 12noon-1pm and remain motivated hyper focused all day and then easily fall asleep by 9pm.

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