Lauren S. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy | Beta Tester

9 months ago

Great lift in energy! But triple berry?

Great even lift in energy, but produced stomach and digestive distress! Did not enjoy the flavor.

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Sara G. October 18, 2019

Better focus and productivity all day long

After taking the energy nootropic shot, I noticed I had a boost in energy, not jittery like energy from coffee, but rather an upbeat and more driven energy. I took the shot around noon and felt that the energy lasted all the way until late evening, which helped boost my productivity all day long....

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Renee B. October 17, 2019

Great product for optimizing brain function!

Great product! I definitely felt more alert and energized. I didn't love the taste, but it's tolerable. I won't drink it after 1pm next time because I could have worked all night long.

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Ajit N. October 29, 2019

Everything was great except slight jaw ache

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Sitara T. November 8, 2019

Best Natural Energy and Cognitive Support

Wow. I love it. I’ve had a love hate relationship with coffee for many years. After I graduated with my masters four years ago, I had just ended and entire academic career of abusing my body with coffee just to make it through the insane deadlines and demands of my programs. Needless to say there...

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