Nicholas S. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago

Great Nootropic Product, for beginners and even advanced users

The product is great for people with any level of understanding of cognitive enhancement. I would highly recommend this product to some people that I knew in bio tech, working at UCSD research labs, they also were adamant about the product's ease of use to performance ratio. I suppose the only downside is that you take 7 pills, but its what to expect with such a high quality product. I noticed that I loved to stack this with coffe with a bit of mct oil and it kickstarted every single morning with creativity. Also, try not taking the product if you are not close to a restroom as the effects kick in quickly leading to a restroom trip. I would also not criticize this product if you do not understand diet and how to optimize yourself for mental performance. I found this product to be an excellent preworkout, prior to engaging in any type of heavy lifting activity. This product was recommended to me by my uncle, who is the CEO of an engineering company in La Jolla dealing with LiDar data, capture and general data management for the company, he uses this product in unison with many others which allowed me to be convinced to take it. I also enjoy listening to Daniel Schmachtenberger's approach to this program of nootropics and how it separates itself from other nootropic regimens.

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Carol C. June 15, 2022


Quaila Mind helps me feel more positive and motivated especially for the challenging year I have had. It gives me more energy but not jittery It’s the best product I have tried for feeling better, motivated and positive. Thanks

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Francis Z. October 24, 2019

It works!

I was a bit skeptical about Qualia at first, since I'm the type of guy who don't believe in taking any "drugs". Now that I've been on Qualia for about a month, consistently 7 capsols a day, I noticed a significant improvement in my mood. I used to have slightly negative mindset most of the time...

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Shannon M. March 16, 2021

Worth the added edge!!!

This is the Best Nootropics I have ever taken. Gives me an edge all day. Launching a Saas co. so needed it big time;) Thank you Nuerohackers!

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August 9, 2021

5 stars